Catkins Luxury Chalets

The chalets are purpose built set out in a quadrangle which can be viewed from our reception. Your cat will enjoy a spacious, full height run with fully heated and insulated sleeping accommodation incorporating an under cover run to be able to tease the neighbourhood.

All chalets overlook an enclosed garden area that attracts many birds along with our very lively resident chickens.


At Catkins Holiday Home cats are fed twice daily unless otherwise instructed providing a wide range of complete dry and wet food of your choice during their stay. We also stock quality food and essential items for purchasing.

All special needs, diets and medications can be discussed at the time of booking.

Litter trays and wood based or gravel based litter are used which are changed daily and throughout the day where necessary.

We are able to administer any medication to your cat that is prescribed by a vet with no additional charge for this service. At any signs of ill health a veterinary surgeon will be consulted.


All cats are housed in large spacious fully insulated and centrally heated chalets built to Feline Advisory Bureau standards all with quality beds and bedding. Individually heated blankets are supplied, if required.

Each chalet has it's own exclusvie exercise area, scratch posts, chairs and toys that are all provided as standard.


Due to popular demand we now have an additional family block.

Each chalet can accommodate a family of up to four cats.

Catkins Holiday Home has everything your cats will need.


Catkins Cattery is fully licensed and inspected in accordance with the Environmental Health and Licensing Authority. We are also inspected by an approved panel of Veterinary Surgeons who are on call 24 hours a day.


Catkins Small Animal Care


We have a small animal boarding section for rabbits and guinnea pigs which are given all the love, care and attention the cats have here.

Please telephone 01233 713831 for availability and prices.


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